Mr Lane T Dennis, CEO Crossway, Mrs Ebeth Dennis Crossway, Co-CEO Crossway, Mr Nigel Fernandes, Mr Ivan Fernandes , Mr Peter Anil Rego - Directors - ATC Publishers LLP Bangalore along with Bible Scholars and a host of other dignitaries at the launch of the Holy Bible - English Standard Version Catholic Edition ( ESVCE ) approved for the use in Liturgy by the CCBI


ATC Publishers (ATCP) is part of the Asian Trading Corporation (ATC) Group which was established in 1946. ATCP is involved in Publishing, Exporting, Importing and Distribution of Bibles and Christian literature in India, Asia and across the globe. ATC has been in the forefront of Publishing Christian literature and is also the preferred supplier of literature to Churches, Book stores, Religious and Educational Institutions and book lovers in India and Asia for the past 7 decades. ATC has published over 2000 titles in the areas of Scripture, Theology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Homiletics, Counseling, Psychology, Self Improvement etc. ATCP has the best collection of Holy Bibles, Biblical Commentaries & Dictionaries and Christian literature all under one roof.

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