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This book is focused on finding out the origin of Christianity, a new religion in the multi-pluralistic religious background of India.Manuscripts, archaeological findings, the living tradition of the people and personal visiit to the Churches of Ancient origin in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra etc.; study of the Copper Plates, Olas (writing on palm leaves); and visit to St Thomas museum at Mylapore, are the primary sources of this book. The author being a research scholar throws light on the amazing growth of Christian faith in the Indian sub-continent.

2017 ed. 88 pp. Rs. 250

Rights: World ISBN: 9789386516206

This collected volume is the fruit of the International Conference organized in Calicut and Trichur by the Chair for Christian Studies and Research, University of Calicut and the Institute of Theology. It is intended to be an investigation into the rich legacy of Vatican II. Author makes a study on the reception of Council’s social teaching in India.These insights are helpful as we face a crisis of values today, which is resulted by a new socio-political and cultural context.

2017 ed. 410 pp. Rs. 450

Rights: World ISBN: 9789386516251

In spite of two millennia of Missionary activity, we find only a tiny minority in the East is Christian,unlike in the West, and the chances of a better future are bleak. Against this background, the author studies the theological thought of the Sri Lankan theologian,Aloysius Pieris. The author also studies the missionary role according to Rahner who attempts to explain the fundamental truths of the Catholic faith and view that all humans are anonymously Christian, with the salvific tuth implicitly given to them in creation.

2016 ed. 374 pp. Rs. 400

Rights: World ISBN: 9788170867401

The paradigm presented in this book is a Trinitarian paradigm for mission, in particular for the mission of dialogue between religions. Peace, Joy and Love are the Kingdom values and are present and held highby every religion and all human beings. That forms the base for this dialogical presentation of the book.The above mentioned Kingdom values have been viewed as the experiential Trinity and this is the work for the theology of the mission of dialogue.

2016 ed. 142 pp. Rs. 150

Rights: World ISBN: 9788170867883

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