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God’s boundless mercy has be-come the recurring theme of Pope Francis’ preaching and teaching. He so desires that we understand the mercy of Godthat he has called for an Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.This faith-sharing guide provides an opportunity to participate in the holy year in a meaningful way. Each of the eight sessions features a Gospel passage followed by a homily on that passage by Pope Francis. Questions for reflection and discussion focus on both the Scripture text and homily.

2016 ed. 146 pp. Rs. 150

Rights: Asia, Malaysia and Singapore ISBN: 9788170867623

This book presents many key insights into Pope Benedict’s retirement. What led to the election of a Latin American Jesuit as pope? What is the background against which his first papal acts find their context? A first glimpse of the people who raised him and their attitudes toward his Jesuit vocation. What were the constants in Padre Jorge Bergoglio’s ministry and service as a Jesuit and as an archbishop in violent, horrible times? These questions are addressed in this book. In addition, there is invaluable back ground on Pope Benedict’s resignation and the process of electing Pope Francis.

2013 ed. 190 pp. Rs. 175

Rights: Asia ISBN: 9788170866763

Pope Francis repeatedly urges us to read a passage from the Gospels every day. In this collection of his homilies and addresses, the Holy Father accompanies us on a journey through the Gospels, beginning with the birth of Jesus and ending with the resurrection appearances. As we meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus, we can have no better guide than Pope Francis. His characteristic down-to-earth language and pastoral wisdom help us to open our hearts to Jesus, “in whom God’s tenderness is made flesh.”

2016 ed. 176 pp. Rs. 170

Rights: Asia, Malaysia and Singapore ISBN: 9788170867616

This book explores the life of Pope Francis, including his birth and early years in Argentina; his mystical experience as a teenager that drew him to religious life; his years as a priest and bishop with a heart for thepoor and marginalized; and his unflagging courage to teach and defend the Catholic faith. It also includes over 60 full-colour photographs, a fascinating in-depth biography, foreword by Cardinal Sean O’Malley,first homilies as Pope and supplemental sections on Catholic beliefs, practices and traditions.

2013 ed. 176 pp. Rs. 525 (PB) ISBN: 9788170866817 Rs. 700 (HB) ISBN: 9788170866824

Rights: Asia and Africa

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